Top Beauty Tips

It is the dream of every person to look beautiful or handsome. There are several hand care and nail care tips which can help you in keeping your cuticle and hangnails in a healthy condition.

Using milky hand wash

A clearer cleanser is effective in drying out the skin. You are advised to avoid soaps which contain harsh chemicals such as triclosan. Instead, you are encouraged to go for the natural antibacterial ingredients like eucalyptus and tree oil. Anti bacterial products are the best options.

Lube up your skin with oils

Oils particularly essential oils are known for moisturizing the skin. Probably this is the main reason these oils are used in most of the beauty and cosmetics products. These oils also possess certain properties which make them healthy for the skin. Some of the recommended products include Sally Hansen Creme which is made using safflower seed oil.

Taking care of your cuticle

To and dry cuticles look old. Such cuticles can easily open up to the various infections making them worse. You should exfoliate your hands regularly by use of a body scrub. You should also nip your hangnail which can be wiggled. Cuticles should also be softened on a regular basis. An orange stick can help you in pushing back the cuticles.

Avoid putting your hands in icy or hot water

Hot water can make your skin to become dry by absorbing or taking away sebum. On the other hand, cold or icy conditions can lead to dilation or constriction of the blood capillaries. This can lead to redness of the skin.

Moisturizing the post-sanitizer

This is one of the critical steps which is often overlooked by many people. The high amount of alcohol is known for dehydrating the nails and skin cells making the polish applied to chip faster. You should, therefore, wait for your sanitizer to dry up completely.

Protecting your skin with sunscreen

Hands are prone to wrinkling and spotting at a faster rate as compared to the face. You should use lotions containing sunscreens to protect your skin. Special products like roses extracts are used in the evening out spots on the skin.


Use of anti-ageing creams

These creams have high retinol content. Anti-ageing creams are helpful in improving the skin’s elasticity. You should apply this product at night to conquer creepiness. L’Oral Revitalift is one of the effective anti-ageing creams.

Slathering on a mask

This involves placing your hands in special plastic bags and then topping with a warm towel. Kyees who is a beauty expert says that is done to enable the heat to penetrate through the skin.