first date

How to Prepare Yourself for a First Date

First dates are always nerve-wracking, as the first impression will forever remain on the mind of the person you’re going out with. To make matters worse is that this is your first date, ever. Do not worry; here we have listed several ways on how to prepare yourself for your first date, hopefully, by reading this article, you’re well prepared and relaxed as you go on to have your dating success.

Dress appropriate, and not over the top

So let’s say that you got one of yourself some cute date night dresses, and you’re ready to go out, you need to make sure that you’re dressing comfortably, just being yourself. It’s okay to put the effort to look prettier but not over the top, as your date will always remember you as the one with full makeups and fancy dress. The way you wear your fashion is another way on how to express yourself, and if you’re too fancy, you will always have to keep up with the expectation from the guy you’re going out.

Keep your hands away from your phone

It is a date, so make sure that you only look at your phone for important notifications (such as texts from parents, family, etc.) It’s okay to play with your phone when he’s going to the toilet, or when he’s away. You wouldn’t like it if you’re going on a date and your date is playing with his phone while you’re getting ignored, right? So always keep your phone away, keep on talking and have fun.

white teethTry to smile

Always try to smile, smiling before you go to your date will make you feel relaxed, happy and less anxiety in your body. Make sure that you greet your partner with a smile as well; this will show that you’re delighted to be on this date, while also helping them to relax as well.

Tip: make sure that you brush your teeth and floss on the night before the big day.

Bring a touch me up kitbrushes

Let’s say that you’re going on a date from the afternoon until the night, it can take so many hours and your face will get oily, sweaty and tired, but do not worry. Make sure that you bring some touch-me-up kit as you go to the toilet and get rid of excess oil while also re-applying your makeup. This package can consist of makeup, blotting papers, some peppermints and a little perfume.

Tip: get some of your favorite items in travel sizes to spare of having to bring an entire makeup bag.